Tecnove Business Group

Working together for you

Tecnove Business Group is a holding company formed by 10 companies specialized in different activities, which develops integrated solutions anywhere in the world, achieving leadership in the sectors in which they are active.

Thanks to the experience each of the companies brings to their respective sectors, such as vehicles, containers, corporate image, catering, services and construction, electrical solutions, agriculture, telecommunications and vehicle reconditioning, Tecnove Business Group has a wide range of solutions to offer and facilitate the implementation of its customers’ projects.


With over 1,000+ employees in Tecnove Business Group, we are able to design and manufacture solutions as well as make dreams come true, offering society our high-quality products and services.

Our people

Tecnove Business Group’s culture and principles are defined by its people they are the ones who made this project possible with their effort and commitment to daily work.

All the companies that make up Tenove Business Group work daily to achieve:

  • A real EQUALITY PLAN for all our teams.
  • Inclusion in the workplace.
  • Family reconciliation.
  • Recruitment and development of TALENT.
  • TRAINING as a means of development.

Sustainable Development Circular Economy

In Tecnove Business Group we have three fundamental pillars for the development and evolution of our products:

    • We are committed to ensure the 100% sustainable origin of our products and services.
    • We implement a company culture that promotes the CIRCULAR ECONOMY MODEL.
    • ECOLOGICAL FOOTPRINT: We qualify the ecological footprint of our products based on the composition of raw materials, processes and resources that integrate them and their potential impact on the environment.


Tecnove Business Group is committed to innovation in all processes, technologies and services. The main lines of action are:

Most relevant R&D&I projects:

  1. DRY CLOSET, Dry Toilet.
  2. HYPRINT, Hybrid Photoluminescent Devices.
  3. Technological Models for Emission-free Logistic Transport.
  4. SECOND LIFE, Research for the creation of Second Life Batteries.
  5. Advanced Technologies for Tactile Surfaces for the Visually Impaired.
  6. CENIT ART DECÓ, Technological coatings for decorative applications.
  7. BIORREVAL, Obtaining soil improvements through the revaluation of agricultural waste.
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